Thursday, December 29, 2011

THURSDAY QUOTE: On Teaching Yoga
From Chandra Om's Q&A

So, today as a teacher what do you feel are the important qualities and understandings that you bring as a teacher?

Chandra Om: First of all, the teacher has to be kind, not selfish, not turning the yoga system into a business. Also, they must be established most of the time in the state of sattva. Sattva is the state after you do your meditation, after you have some knowledge of Yoga. You are automatically calm, without the ego. You feel like God is passing through you. You feel you are just an instrument. A teacher must believe in God or the Self, the Supreme Self. Also the teacher must be a vegetarian. They may keep the mozzarella, the cheese, no problem. But the flesh must go, because otherwise, they are breaking the first rule: thou shall not kill, or ahimsa. If you are involved in this, your mind will never settle in meditation: always restless. Lower passion increases. So the teacher must be vegetarian, kind, and of course, have Self knowledge and be without the ego. They must have Guru also.


  1. This is SOOOOOO good – short, concise, and simple to understand.

    Ralph from DeKalb

  2. I'm glad you "get" it.
    I hope all is well out in DeKalb