Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Quote

"The Self is formless. Action-less. Always the same. Bliss absolute. Like the space everywhere. All beings traveling in the Infinite ether keep coming, going, passing through space, but the space remains wholly unaffected by them. They are all in God, but God is not in them. The invisible presence of God, the sole Absolute, is beyond time, space and cause.

"Svadhyaya reveals the truth of time, space, change and all separation. That is the purpose of meditation. Even if you experience the lower states of samadhi you may feel nice and charged with bliss, but may still not fully know who you are. In the earliest state of samadhi (Savikalpa), the mind is still there. Even the bliss experienced in this state is the mind. Svadhyaya reveals the ultimate truth—You are the cause of the bliss."

-Chandra Om

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