Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Just visited a new web site, www.ashtangi.net, that's devoted entirely to Mysore blogs... many of which appear to be wordy, rambling, mindnumbingly boring accounts of the most mundane aspects of the lives of yoga practitioners who may, if they get the balls, and the money, and the time off, and the permission, and the sitter, and the visa, and the shots, and someone to watch the cat, and a regular practice -- who just may, one day, make it to Mysore itself. In the meantime you'll learn everything about them and then some, and realize that your own wretched little excuse of a life sucks far less than you had thought....

It does make you wonder, though, just how much your own blog blows (weigh in by e-mailing my younger, hipper, sleep-deprived alter-ego, who finished Advanced C in less than two weeks: chaigirl@india.com).

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