Monday, November 28, 2005


My brilliant nephew just installed more RAM and OS X onto my flowered old (2001) iMac. And they said it couldn't be done!

I am actually updating this blog* using said iMac, via Safari, whatever that is....
I guess it's the thing just unexpectedly quit when I tried to download a photo.


And the type is really small, too.

Nonetheless I am now living in the present.

Today I also learned that:

-It's not that fun to adjust a Mysore class when you're nauseous.

- Or to practice for that matter.

-You should not impress your meltdown onto someone you're still trying to impress.

-There are very few used Honda Civics for sale on Craig's List this week.

-And the ones that are listed don't call back.

-People brand-new to ashtanga are not always afraid of doing every vinyasa.


-Fifty-dollar lobster claw bicycle gloves can indeed disappear into thin air.


*I had to go back and used the evilPC to add photos and bold font.

Now there's a band name: Bold Font.

They could all have bouffant hairdos.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    PC's rule, Mac's suck, no doubt about it.

    Never forget who is the BOSS!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    You can't dick around looking at your navel when looking at a Honda product.
    You buy when you find a good used one, or suffer regrets by missing out.