Thursday, July 10, 2008


There's always a price to pay* for going to Mysore.

This time, one of the venues where I teach cannot guarantee I will have classes when I return from India. I don't blame them, but this could affect up to 1/2 of my income. Ouch!

(In 2004, I found out a few days before leaving Mysore to go back home that The Backwards R decided to give my weekly column to the sub - even though we'd arranged everything beforehand and I came home when I said I would. Canned by e-mail no less. Ouch!)

(In 2006, right after returning from Mysore, a venue fired me for being gone too long - even though we'd arranged everything beforehand, I returned when I said I would, and my sub was wonderful. They did it on my birthday no less. Ouch!).

(Bindi got canned a couple of years ago for teaching too long in Japan. That didn't deter her; she's teaching in Thailand at this very moment - and blogging up a storm).

Krista - who's in Mysore right now - just lost her Lululemon ambassadorship for staying away from home too long. Her post about it is wonderful.

At least Ursula got it right: she was let go from work and then decided to go to India.

I think the three of us should do a wet, rainy over-the-top Bollywood monsoon dance when we're in Mysore....

....and videotape it for everyone who's afraid of going and losing their jobs.


*Actually, most of the places where I work have been more than accommodating when it comes to my studying yoga in Mysore - including the venue that's on the fence about letting me keep my classes. Friends and family have also been incredibly supportive - and so have all the wonderful, generous substitute teachers over the years. Without them, none of this would be possible.


  1. some things are more important, although it does not seem like it when you get "canned"-i've been fired so many times for traveling i can't even tell you how many. i want to do a dance in the monsoon rain! i'll be in mysore in spirit & dance in the monsoon rain over here in thailand. at least now i can ride a scooter (remember i depended on you so heavily in india years back?) did you take that beautiful photo? it made my day:) especially after being told by my students that "i'm fat". it's all the same, no matter where you are in asia.

  2. I found the photo online.
    The last time I went to India, I was told that I looked like "patient." Not as in calm, but as in "hospital patient."
    The scooter is the thing!
    And Peace Love Yoga is learning to drive hers in Taipei

  3. Ahhhh. I remember being "canned" from our lovely vegetarian diner when I went to Mexico for a month. When I came back the owner sat me down outside the restaurant on the bench and said the reason I was being let go was because, I worked too hard and made others feel bad. How is that for an excuse?

  4. i know peace love yoga? taipei would be an awesome experience!
    haha! hospital patient! that's one for the books.
    the scooter is the vehicle, kind of like ganesha's rat!
    how blissful it is!

  5. It's Laruga; she's here. You've got to read about the receptionists / fortunate daughters at her spa; one thinks ashtanga is "too serious" and wants to learn Anusara because it's "happy happy." She has a point.....

  6. You better be prepared to bring on the Bollywood Cara - I'm here waiting for you hunny ;)