Sunday, January 25, 2004


Today I awakened weak but w/o headache. Actually I was awakened at 4 by the ritual disgusting throat-clearing / hacking / spitting by the man across the way (he usually does this around 6 and has enough sputnum for 8). Then I went back to sleep, got up at 6 w/ the alarm (we practice at 7) and brought out the olde Sony to tape (yes, tape) the olde man (I think it's a man) but he was nowhere to be found. I'm making a Sounds of Kovalam tape, the highlight of which so far is the man selling sunglasses on the beach. "Sinnnnnnnnnn-glass-ISH!". He looks like Sammy Davis, Jr (w/ two eyes) and is a favorite from two years back.

During those many hours in my room yesterday I started mentally designing clothes, and went to the tailor to today to make them reality..... Tailors line the beach and trails, their wares flying in the wind and beckoning to us. After being a whore for a few days (I was using 3 at once at one point) we are all going to the tailor next door to our hotel, and trying to get *deals* due to our high volume of business (sometimes this does not seem to work at all). The tailors here are more expensive than Mysore but they are easy to get to, have fabulous textiles and do it right the first time.

We booked plane tickets today, which makes me happy because we're all 3 traveling together on Friday -- our posse's on Indian Air -- so my reservation at the Kaveri Lodge may actually stand (tons of people doing the workshop here go up to Mysore at the end of the month, and those that arrive first get the rooms. Last time round Bob and I came a day later than our original reservation and -- despite e-mailing and calling - there was no room at the inn, was there).

Manana we are going to town (dusty exhaust-laden 1/2 hour trip via overpriced rickshaw w/ the kick-ass driver who just made a dramatic, fillum-inspired pass at Bindi) to see a huge flower show that has sub-shows, such as a bridal fashion show, plus we'll try to hit the art musuem. The driver costs more but he's worth it: he knows where everything is, and pulls ahead at stop lights when others park next to us and try to gape at the western weirdoes in back....He also has the scoop on everyone here.

Today was about humidity and sleeping and Miss Y's kirtan (devotional call-and-response chanting -- like being a kid again -- w/ Miss Y leading and playing harmonium). All the workshoppers from different parts of the world (Europe, US, S. Africa, Down Under) seemed to relish it. Today was also about waiting an hour for the folks at Webby World to get us back online.....(got bored spending 45 minutes watching the guys trying fix the thing, pointing and clicking endlessly). They just would not take my suggestion to turn the [Mororola!] modem off and on again, which always fixes me up back home. So after awhile I went next door for a coconut. Life's a beatch and so am I.

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