Friday, June 27, 2008


Rather than ask about the contents of say, their minds, some reporters on Tuesday asked the two presidential forerunners about what's in their pockets.*

According to yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times**:

Both presidential hopefuls have admitted that when the going gets rough on the campaign trail, they look to a few lucky charms to pave the way.

Obama showcased a pocketful of trinkets to reporters in New Mexico on Tuesday, including a lucky poker chip, an American eagle pen, and a small gold statue of a Hindu monkey god, which he said represent his faith in luck and voters.

McCain, however, has been reported to put his faith in a total of 36 cents -- two nickels, one quarter and a penny found lying heads up on the ground in various cities he has campaigned in.


*I suspect it might be considered disrespectful to keep God in one's pocket, just as it is incorrect to have a depiction of God on a t-shirt or bag, or to keep a book in the bathroom or on the bed, or put keys or coins in shoes; it's kind of like pointing one's foot at an old person or handing someone money with the left hand (all of which I've been taken to task for in India).

**In the accompanying photo, the pair look as if they are on a can of Arrid Extra Dry, about to kiss.

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