Sunday, May 10, 2009


is partner yoga.

Dharma's three-hour Maha Sadhana class yesterday was unusually small (only thirty or so people).

There were a handful of newbies, and he took it easy on us.

Little E and a man from Columbia and I were quite glad about this, as we were utterly exhausted. The man and I had taken the two-hour noon master class all week and were feeling it.

Everything was fine until it came time "to have some fun."

Dharma asked Little E and the man from Columbia to demonstrate a partner sequence that began with Navasana (boat pose) and ended in variations of Upavista Konasana (wide angle pose).

This is the point at which I run out to use the bathroom, or collapse into child's pose - as if to say, I'm not here / leave me alone.

Things like "This isn't yoga" and "Yoga isn't fun" and "I suck at this" usually run through my head.

But this time, Dharma was nearby.

This time, I decided to be receptive.

This time, I turned to the woman on my right.

We did the sequence together.

I lived through it.

And it was rather wonderful.