Friday, December 02, 2011


Student Dan B. celebrated his first yoga birthday today - one year in the ashtanga self-practice trenches, where the practitioner comes face-to-face with his strengths and weaknesses, over and over again, each day at 6:30am.

It is not a practice for the fickle or faint-hearted.

The regular self-practice students are neither.

(Most people don't stick with Mysore-style ashtanga for a week, let alone a year or decade).

To mark his anniversary, Dan brought fine Belgian chocolate for everyone.

(Chocolate-lover Pattabhi Jois would have approved).

He also brought the card, above.

Pranams to him and the other students for their ongoing dedication to the vexing, rewarding, difficult, life-altering Mysore-style ashtanga practice -

and for Dan's wonderful Miserable Yoga Men illustrations and t-shirts.


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  2. That was nice of Dan!

    I have to "suit up" for 3 days for my program review 10 days from now (Friday was the rehearsal. I should be revising my talk instead of reading your blog.). My suits, which I haven't worn lately, are tight in the shoulders/arms and looser in the waistband.

  3. What I meant to say was the yoga drawings by Dan are great, all I can do is stick figures, and not well.