Wednesday, July 28, 2004


So last night I took M's primary class, in which we hold poses *way* longer than I normally do. This AM I awakened with a sense of well being (despite being 40) but was so exhausted that adjusting (3) people in morning Mysore was difficult. So I went home, worked a bit (if you could call that working) and then did a practice -- standing plus the intermediate poses I usually do plus fooling around with a few more (up to mayurasana).....very very bad.....and felt so good that I came up from backbend (something I've been avoiding for the past couple of weeks, due to the Bullwinkle feet which seem to cause the knee-tweaking). Then I rode out west to Lawrence/Milwaukee and back to interview an old-timey movie guy who is putting together a flapper revue for the upcoming screening of "It," the fillum that made Clara Bow a star (see After that my pee was a suspiciously dark yellow, so I drank a bunch of water and took a nap (and awakened very anxious indeed, due to no work coming in, being old, doing bb's, having to urinate etc). And now it's time to teach again.....The question is, will I go to Henry's to watch "Rescue Me" or will I do it at home while folding laundry....Will I attend my friend's father's wake 50 miles away tomorrow, or will I teach my class and feel guilty... will the mess in my workspace, and the closet, and the living room, and the bedroom, EVER be dealt with?? And is it even possible to get work when your workspace brings up each and every memory repressed from growing up in a cluttered house that absolutely no one was allowed to enter, lest the city find out, shut it down, put the maternal unit away and send one back to her father and his cattle prod-wielding new wife? Stay tuned.......

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