Thursday, July 29, 2004


When Ladies' Holiday arrives mid-practice, do you give it up, or do you *work through it* and skip the inversions at the end? It's not like you can undefile the shala by skulking out the door, Tampax in hand... especially here in the all-defilement, all-the-time West (although we are allegedly "enlightened" this is a de facto patriarchy -- Hello! Women in the US didn't get the vote until 1920! The Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923, is still not part of the U.S. Constitution! And currently there are just 14 female senators (that we know of) and 63 women in the House of Reps, vs 372 men! -- and there is still so much mystery and fear and stigma surrounding Poor Aunt Rose... which of course there would not be if women really did run more than just their nylons, or if men too were cursed with menses [Imagine the funny underwear they'd have for that! And the practically free, toxin-free products. And the guaranteed days off from work. And the foot rubs. And the special pink pill to make it all go away -- ask for it by name!]), so I chose the latter and am a much better man for it.


....Although it varies by state, Illinoisians or whatever we're called must register to vote 28 days prior to a general election in order to be eligible to run the gauntlet of Fat, Intimidating Precinct Workers in Moustaches and Black Leather, enter a dingy school, stand in a rickety booth and use a small piece of metal to punch out a spot on a dubious-looking butterfly ballet. The presidential election is Nov. 2. You do the math.

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