Wednesday, July 07, 2004


That bad cold I had does indeed take two full weeks to exit the body. But I had my first full practice *in some time* on Sunday (after half-practice on Sat)and actually felt good/grounded enough to stand up from backbend (couldn't do it today though, could I?). My thighs feel like bricks but I am daydreaming of dropovers. It could happen. In this lifetime. Even if I am turning 40 in, like, two weeks. Value to society ending soon, Madam.

The boyfriend and I went to my nephew's wedding on Saturday. Suffice to say there were wardrobe crises on both ends (I ended up wearing a very mod-yet-conservative dress that had belonged to my mother) followed by a long drive in pouring rain and by the time we got there I at least was ready to go home and take a long nap. I had a kiddie cocktail just like I did when I'd go to the bars with my mom back in the early 70's, and filled up on bread....Many tan women in strapless gowns with tattoos. My people. There were also several of my brother's and nephews' long-time friends -- the former look like they're about ten years younger than their actual ages. It's cool that he has such old friends (two of whom are actually named Freund -- not unusual since everyone from our town [except us] is German/Irish). It was a short, sweet service in an old seems that these days the couple cuts the cake *before* dinner and dancing, which makes things move along. As far as I could tell there was no bouquet-throwing. No glass-clinking either; to get them to kiss nowadays the whole table has to scream a song to them with "love" in the lyrics. (Our table did not participate). After D. and I scrunched our noses and removed the twice-baked potato and stuffed tomato from our plates of steak and shrimp we learned they actually had veggie plates for us (apparently sitting at Table Two with the groom's parents gives one a Certain Status). After dinner there was of course dancing -- D. and I slow-danced like jr. high kids but it was nice as he is tall, handsome and broad-shouldered, takes the lead, etc.

But at some point two midget-like creatures with giant (I mean *giant*) foam heads and moving foam lips came out of nowhere. They were announced as a special treat from the bride's father and dressed as bride and groom. They danced in weird circles in a very disturbing way and lip-synched to songs such as "Love Shack." D. and I were careful not to look at them (lest they come over and harass us). Afterwords we went downtown to pick up D's younger daughter and told her about the nuptial dervishes. She agreed that they were scary and should be avoided at all costs. Then she wanted to know if there's a Bank Two.

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