Friday, July 09, 2004


If you teach (sub) enough yoga classes, say 14 a week for a couple of weeks, you will start to call out poses in a southern accent ("and naow go into dainward da-wog"). And people will like it.

And you will receive notes like this from group exercise directors (for *a class that's not yours*, that you've been trying to sub out since you agreed to sub it three weeks ago, when you realized you had a conflict):

"You agreed to cover for [CENSORED] and are now backing out...."

As this girl did not grow up a member of some guilt-motivated religious endeavor, such tactics are useless.

Yet still she tries....

And after seeing Ed a couple of weeks ago and being introduced to the Neu Uber-Boss as "one of our standby writers" and laying eyes on Your Cute-But-e-Dating Replacement, you hear nothing from said Ed, and suspect you're not just out a high-profile column and rewarding work that allows you to push your political agenda and free tickets to this, that and the other thing and 19K a year -- you're probably not going to be part of The New Redesign, either, are you.

Perhaps it's time to call time out.

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