Monday, November 22, 2004


The stitches came out today (appropriately, they came out on Halsted, ground zero of Boystown), but the chin is still swollen and presidential. I actually had a dream last night about Abe LIncoln, who was my boyfriend, and was taken aback to see him in color (he looks better in color). Also a very bad dream about the vex, who's endowed with a similar chinny-chin-chin.... I told the front desk people about eight times that my appointment was a followup to an ER visit, in the hopes that they'd put the magic code on the form they send to the insurance co. But now there's another hole in my tooth (the pain kept me up Saturday night), so it's back to the dentist this afternoon. Please Durga let the price be included in the $800 total..... Must try to get them to use the ER code, too. But first to the chiro for help with the sore sternum. Kirby's appointment is tomorrow. People before pets, I say. He's been scratching his neck like crazy, so I am convinced he picked up fleas during his hospital stay. They want a urine sample, to see if the crystals have been cleared out of his pecker. A urine sample from a cat. How is that possible?

I rode the mountain bike on my errands -- first time on a bike since the accident -- and it wasn't all that frightening. While waiting for test results (neg) I checked out the headgear at Sportmart. Only the kids' BMX hemets have chin guards. And they look *really* stupid, what with the blue flames and all.

I finally did some yoga this morning -- 5A, 5B, the standing poses, Urdvha Danurasana x 3 and sitting. Which improved my mood for exactly five minutes.

Someone else's blog mentions Surya Namaskar C. Huh? Or do I recall Tim Miller introducing such a thing here in the 90's at Moksha-before-there-was-a-Moksha. I can't remember if it includes splits or handstands or what.

Has anyone seen the sun of late? Or is this just some curs-ed Chicago thing?


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I mentioned at my blog that I've only done that twice... and I'm not sure if Tim introduced that or where it came from... I'm also not sure if it is always the same or just the idea of going backwards... perhaps one of the more learned Ashtangis could shed some light on that... I know that the two times I've done it it has not included handstands or splits.

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Cat whisperer here... trouble getting a urine sample from a cat? Follow this simple plan and pray that kitty doesn't rebel and pee on the carpet. First, empty litter box of all litter and clean box fully using clorox or good soap. Dry it thoroughly. Put the litter box back where it usually lives. Leave the box for the day or overnight. Kitty will pee in the box (usually.) When you find the pee in the box, pour it in a jar and voila! Kitty pee sample!

    I have two cats with crystal problems and have done this repeatedly. Obviously one needs to seperate multiple kitties when sampling to avoid urine identity confusion.

    cat whisperer