Thursday, July 22, 2004


Earlier this week I did a home practice while wearing a regular top and some black men's underwear I picked up at Something Old / Something New on Belmont (they were in the new section, thank you). They're kind of like the ones Guruji wears in the picture, only not Calvin Kleins (Unlike Brooke Shields, first I pay my rent. THEN I think about getting designer jeans). I always thought it was some weird male conceit to practice in one's panties (like the men who strip down to their knickers in India to frolic in the surf while their fully-covered womenfolk barely stick one toe in the water). But now I kind of get it; they're not too tight (like those shiny pseudo bike shorts we all wear) and they BREATHE (and not just through the manhood-hole, either). I'd wear them in public but that would cause even more trouble than I'm already in, I suspect.....In any case my practice seemed a whole lot lighter. Maybe 'twas the panties. Maybe not.....

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  1. Anonymous2:21 AM

    hai,dear.i think you are enjoying mens under wear.untill reaching myosore.what happned to your creamy pie.did it melted.