Monday, August 02, 2004


Apparently you can feel guilty (or, in this case, much worse) even if you do the right thing and A). watch Rescue Me while folding laundry and B). go to the wake.

Also spending 3.5 hours in a car in late July sans AC with an empty stomach will not a pleasant girl make.... even if there is diaphramatic breathing and an attempt to focus on the Ganesha totem on the dash. Death is death and they all bring up other deaths, don't they. Especially when you do a drive-by past the dead mom's house and notice they put a deck on back -- something she'd always dreamt of doing....

No surprise then that nothing much was accomplished o'er the weekend (apart from enjoying thali and Starsky & Hutch with Miss B and son, which was a very nice interlude indeed).

Delayed headache is coming, Madam.

Today's Airport Theme Song:
"Frustrated" by the Knack
(apparently they're NOT saying, "the Straight Edge")

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