Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Something is in the air; many say it's due to last Saturday's blue moon. American Airlines computers fail, relationships explode or implode or hit the reset; on Friday more than a few students reported feeling exremely anxious for no apparent reason. Our own self lost it (again) Thursday night after the wake..... and the waters are still very troubled indeed. Somehow though the practice is going well (saving me really, knock wood) and calming the mind as much as it can be calmed with vinyasa and Tylenol PM and the "Eeeee" mantra (to stop obsessive thoughts) that S. recently showed me. (You say "Eeeeee!" as loud and long as you can until your voice wavers. Do it a few times and it activates something at the base of the skull that helps stop the cycle. Sounds strange and may get you kicked out of your apartment and / or draw all the neighborhood dogs to your door -- but it actually works). Also I am standing up from backbend again; opening the heart? We can only hope....

Today's Airport Theme Song:
The Concretes -- "You Can't Hurry Love"
(it has *nothing* to do with Phil Collins)

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