Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Number of pounds lost since last Monday: 5

Sizes dropped: 1

Phone calls not returned: 1

Phones thrown: 0

Yoga classes taught: 12

Deadlines met: 4

Self-help books purchased: 6

Number of above that are still in the mail: 2

That make you laugh out loud: 1

Hours spent trolling the Internet for answers: 20

Answers found: 1 or 2

Tears shed: millions and counting

Number of friends bored to tears: 10

Percentage that think it ain’t over: 90

Number of times cat has bitten / walked on its owner: hundreds

Number of times said cat has been banished from the bedroom: 5

Hours of sleep missed: countless


"Vishnu Astothara Satham"
Padmasree Dr. K.J. Yesudas

Vishnu symbolizes the tendency inherent in all aspects of life to find a state of balance. This tendency manifests for example in the healing of wounds, in chemical bonds, as well as in the great incarnations such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha etc.who come to this plane when the order of the world is threatened. Vishnu preserves and maintains the cosmic order. He symbolizes compassion. This mantra attracts those who like responsibilities and who have a protective nature.

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