Monday, August 16, 2004


Sunday began with a flat tire, a mediocre practice and too much bubble tea.....
Bad teacher made someone cry out in Mysore class in the morning (turns out she was fine, just surprised). Class Two saw a student arrive late, not listen to the instruction, and claim afterwords she had no money to pay. After a heartbreakingly lonely breakfast and an awful mountain bike ride across town in pristine weather (couples everywhere), not one, not two, not three but four! people walked out in the middle of Class Three. The teacher then rode back across town where she took a major nosedive, dragging down her friends and nearly causing permament damage to her right eye (Left Eye was the one who torched her bf's house). Now she can't sleep, and can't stop wondering why someone would call a mutual friend, but not her, to inquire about her well-being. Any ideas? E-mail

I'm putting off working on a story about this cartoonist:

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