Wednesday, August 11, 2004


--Teaching classes, subbing like crazy
--IM-ing Dublin in the hard wee hours
--Talking to friends
--Talking to strangers
--Eating with friends
--Birthday cake
--Bubble Tea (it's the new chai)
--"Eeeee!" mantra
--Walking in the park with Mary (a woman selling ice cream, singing Ecuadoran songs)
--Strolling down Broadway with Doug (the neon lights are bright, no lambs)
--Interrogating happy couples
--Bad self-help books
--Good self-help books
--Driving everywhere (so no one can look at you)
--Riding the bike everywhere (when the above no longer matters)
--Watching the Kieslowski fillum "Blue"
--Writing in ye olde journal
--Composing a long letter
--Finding out about "cognitive distortions" and hatching a plan
--Making lists

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