Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was thumbing through a woman's fashion magazine while waiting to get my hair cut yesterday, when I came across an article about hair extensions.

LA's most famous extention-attacher had plenty to say about hair length. He seemed to think that women of all ages should grow their hair long. Or, better yet, keep it fairly short and add expensive, high-maintenance extensions.

He said that in America women's hairstyles work like this:

-When a woman turns 30 she gets a mom haircut

-When a woman turns 40 she gets her mom's haircut

-And when she's 50, a woman gets her husband's haircut.

Actually he's off by about ten years.

Still -- I read all that before getting my hair cut.

So how did I end up with a mom-bob?

Why does everyone want me to look like a helmet-headed newscaster, and not the cool rock chick that's cowering inside, dying to get out?

Oh, well -- maybe next year.


  1. this post made me laugh. you're on a roll! i would love to see your haircut! i'm trying to grow my hair, but when you pass 40, it dosen't seem to grow anymore. it just falls out.

  2. Anonymous5:15 PM

    dreyfuss, you still have plenty of hair. sadly it's all on your back, but still...