Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Feeling Anxious?

1. Turn off the news. And your phone.

2. Breathe deeply

3. Read this


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

kick out the jams

"When you hit a wall - of your own imagined limitations - just kick it in."

-Sam Shepard


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Real Love is Unconditional

“Yes, love, ...but not the love that loves for something, to gain something, or because of something, but that love that I felt for the first time, when dying, I saw my enemy and yet loved him. I knew that feeling of love which is the essence of the soul, for which no object is needed. And I know that blissful feeling now too. To love one's neighbours; to love one's enemies. To love everything - to Love God in all His manifestations. Some one dear to one can be loved with human love; but an enemy can only be loved with divine love. And that was why I felt such joy when I felt that I loved that man. What happened to him? Is he alive? ...Loving with human love, one may pass from love to hatred; but divine love cannot change. Nothing, not even death, can shatter it. It is the very nature of the soul."

-Prince Andrei, War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Reality

“That which is not perceived is Reality."

-Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

New Blog Subtitle

"When you begin to question your dream, awakening will not be far away."

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

from I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - highly recommended for anyone serious about jnana yoga, or the path of Advaita Vedanta.