Thursday, July 01, 2004


After 1.5 weeks, the cold/flu that seemed to be gone for good has returned with a vengeance. The (organic, full-fat, maple-flavored) yogurt I slurped up before bed to help me sleep certainly can't be helping. I am a snot factory (apologies to Patti Smith) and suspect that the planned 10 AM practice with the girls is not going to happen.

But the mucous and malaise have not prevented me from catching up with the Ezboard Mysore site and reading a couple of Mysore blogs. Like certain TV shows, most suck when excerpted and/or taken out of context. But when you catch two or three episodes in a row it all starts to fall into place. My favorite at the moment is by a 38-year-old LA-area accountant/massage therapist who's planning a trip to Mysore in a couple of months:
He writes well and often; works way too much and lives a solitary existence that makes our own wretched loneliness and struggles with the practice seem more all the more palatable.

(I couldn't write a word yesterday despite having three deadlines today....this afternoon I must interview a hot children's author whom I could not find in the phonebook -- which means I had to arrange it through a publicist, which means the flak will probably listen in and try to control the interview. I probably won't get the source's phone number for a followup, either [NY publishing houses are the *worst* when it comes to local journalists; they act towards us the same way movie minions with walkie-talkies treat pedestrians who accidently step onto their so-called set]).

Maybe I should put on that Eternal Om CD that Manju plays during savasana....

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