Wednesday, May 18, 2005


LL got a spot for us second row center today, so we could hear Guruji and see Guruji and, occasionally, watch his feet walk by. He seems to look younger and better than he did last time I saw him. He glows. Anyway there we were, warming up or whatever just minutes before 6 and a mat in the front row disappeared and everyone was going to spread out a bit and then it was decided that no, they should leave it. Seconds later a well known recording artist put his mat down, front and center. But it seemed as though he was looking for a space, any space, and *that* was the one that opened up. People were practicing in the hall again today. And Saraswati was out there adjusting them!

Seconds later a woman who was not Tatum O'Neal (Little Darlings era) pushed her way into a sweet spot in the center of the second row. She did this unapologetically, with that brazen sense of entitlement I've had such a hard time cultivating when it comes to my career. Maybe I could learn something from that woman.

I was even stiffer than usual today, and my pascimattasana (intense sitting forward bend) sucked. I felt Guruji's eyes on me, then heard the feet and sho' nuff, there he was pressing on my back. Then he went down the row to LL and M (also from Chicago). Later on he came over and gave that exquisite sarvangasana (shoulderstand) adjustment. He still does not seem to recognize me though.

Although my physical practice continues to be a struggle, my mind seemed to cal

How funny it was when Guruji came by the front and center celebrity area during some pose or other and told that area in general, "Lift your head!"

It's also interesting to hear people not getting it when he says, "Lose your feet!" in halasana (plow pose).

The stiff woman in front of us in the running shorts got the majority of the adjustmentes. She was a Moaner, and was letting rip with a bunch of loud and regular ones during a baddhakonasana adjustment. So many in fact that Guruji started giggling.

A couple of us went again for the veggie breakfast at the shala today, and it was just as good. We went back to watch the rest of intermediate, since tomorrow it'll be primary at 6 and half primary at 8. It should be a madhouse.


Today was one of the best savasanasa (corpse pose) I've had in ages. I was floating underwater and having visions of Amitabh Bachchan. Then I opened my eyes to see scores of people lined up at the foot of my mat, waiting to kiss feet.

David Swenson is in da house. Looking very sweet/humble, and doing primary.

In Nakrasana the feet should be together.

Apparently a certain celeb was doing intermediate earlier this week and went back to primary, too. So I'm in good company. I think.


It looks like I can extend my stay til Saturday, and will be able to attend the birthday party for Guruji. (Instead of people bringing him endless flowers and chocolate, they've asked people to make donations to a new Mysore charity fund in his name; it'll help the poor, retarded and wild animals, from what I can tell. Details to come).

Today the big trip was to Pier 54 to see the Ashes and Snow exibit, which is basically many exquisite sepia toned photos (and one hourlong film) depicting Southeast Asian people interacting with several types of animals. Very moving, even though occasionaly the negative thoughts would come: "This is a little precious" and "The narration is cloying" and "I have to urinate."


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Maybe the 'moaner' had a small sized corn cob in her 'pleasant place' and was enjoying herself?

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Who was the well known recording artist? Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. Probably Mike D (Beastie Boys)...

    Funny, I had that exact same thought today about "entitlement" when a person came late to practice and just went into the middle of the room where there really wasn't space and made her own little setup. Lesson of the day maybe.

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Oh, that Mikey D guy.

    Do the poor in India practice as much Yoga as the rich do here in the US?