Thursday, July 21, 2005


So all I want to do of course is sleep. In front of the air conditioner. With earplugs.

Instead I taught a couple of led open classes from 6-9 AM. Could it be I don't like to talk much because I spend up to five hours a day yakking for my supper? POSSIBLY.

I drove out to Des Plaines to see the Hindi movie Paheli on Tuesday; Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role and with a moustache no less. Which somehow made him even hotter. It took place in Rajasthan of olde, with deserts and turbans and very cool clothes and lots of jewelry (even for the men) and the stunning Rani Mukherjee -- and a cameo by the venerable, deep-voiced, still-handsome Amitabh Bachchan (as a shepherd!). The film worked Bollywood's usual magic and put me in a good mood. But somehow Rescue Me didn't tape while I was away; something about not resetting the clock properly after Monday's power outage (Travesty! The VCR ended up taping Married with Children. Is there any show I loathe more?)

My profile of Sri Lankan-American writer Mary Anne Mohanraj hits the floors today. She served fresh mango slices and finger sandwiches during our interview... and I was already a fan, because of the book (Bodies in Motion).

I must get back to my story about the Chicago White Sox and their lack of fans in the seats -- despite having the best record in baseball SINCE APRIL. Ironically, their highest attendance so far this year was June 24 -- when they played the ever-popular Cubs of course (Sox creamed 'em, 12 to 2). If only Richard Roeper would call me back I could finish the piece......Hard-hitting journalist, indeed.

(photo by Bindifry, @2004)


  1. happy birthday indeed. all is coming. that picture is fab and cld the sari be more gorgeous. you probably wosh you were in mysore right naow...but at least you dont live in london.
    the slope

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    richard roeper? the same man who complaines in one of his whiny articles about how he doesnt want to have to look at the "chubby models" in the new Dove ads? grrrr.