Thursday, August 04, 2005


In which The Author chronicles her triumphant return to Chowdaville

The "T" (the sign for which makes me think of a big ol' blowdryer). "S" (for Slow) would be more apt. But you have to love a city that names a major train station "Alewife."

The Holocaust Memorial (someone has been very busy scraping the words off the stone and glass)

Looking up @ Holocaust Memorial, which is engraved with all the numbers of the dead.

Geriatric tug conference at Boston Harbor

Boston Habba II (crooked version)as seen from our tour boat

Some intrepid frigate. Sposed to be good for ya.

An unworthy depiction of Beantown's stunning new bridge (part of the frightful ongoing nightmare called The Big Dig, it's built to resemble Bunker Hill -- which is out of frame, to the right)

A view from the Charles River bike path (which we rode all the way down to the Science Museum, after stopping in Cambridge for the Vegan Pizza)

What Indian sweets look like after 1.5 hours on an aeroplane. Imagine how they must look when they're on drugs.

My gracious hosts + our new friend Sangria

Wickey catching casuals from Paul Revere's mysterious mount

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  1. Belmont4:54 PM

    Here's to Boston.