Monday, January 02, 2006


After doing five Surya Namaskar A and five Surya Namaskar B and riding my bike downtown and teaching a single class (which only a select few seemed to enjoy) I spent NYD doing a whole lot of nothing -- which included eating Hoppin' John* (for good luck), watching the What Not to Wear Marathon (for good looks) and the The North and South marathon (for good production values) and occasionally popped in to minister to Dorian Black and watch him watch the Monk marathon (ugh) and the Law & Order marathon (as if they needed one) and then eating some more (pasta and Hoppin' John with naan, coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, etc). I did not make a resolution. I did not take down the Xmas tree. I did not help the homeless. I did not call old friends. I did not work on deadlines. I did not write a word. In fact, I wore a kimono from 1:30 PM on and did not leave the house. I did take a bath, make guacamole, bake cookies, and watch Miss Congeniality -- and for that I should be shot.


*Hoppin John is black-eyed peas and brown rice topped with scallions, diced tomatoes, melted cheddar cheese and hot sauce. My version has no meat. The idea is that if you eat "poor" on the first of the year, you'll eat "rich" the rest of the year. As if there's more to life than rice and beans.

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  1. Actually, the third world type of diets are very healthy.

    I see so many fat-ass 10 year old kids it makes me sick.
    I won't even mentione their parents.
    Think of the overloaded plumbing systems!

    In a world of extreme depredation and looming ecological collapse, it is
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    disease upon the Earth, then Americans are the most virulent strain. What
    an ignorant, fundamentalist, greedy and selfish bunch we have become.