Friday, January 11, 2008


(which may bring to mind Truman Capote's famous one-liner about Jack Kerouac's On the Road: "That's not writing at all. It's ty-ping.")

the procession form the washington mall to the
supreme court was quite stunning and effective a long long line, 2
by 2 i think we were as many as is currently in gtmo to date. all
clad in orange suits and black hoods hands behind our backs heads
down utterly silent in fact dc seemed so quiet not sure
if any regular people live there anyway we get to the court and
then those risking arrest went and kneeled on the steps of the
court no one is allowed on the steps at any time meanwhile a
group had gotten inside the building and were hoping to unfurl a
massive "close guantanamo " banner unsure if that happened as
there were conflicting reports cops everywhere just waiting to get
stuck in which they did sometime after the kneeling on the steps
all were taken away they may get out tomorrow maybe monday
whilst they were being taken away the permitted demo area was
chanting "arrest bush" "arrest cheney" "stop torture" there
was also a little stage and some speakers pete seeger's grandson
was playing freedom songs on the guitar the family business
apparently. the day had started with an amnesty international
rally at the mall, in the rain some speakers and general calls
for action the rain stopped the minute the procession started the
night before i fell asleep under the large wooden suspended jebus
in the church only to be woken all night by mass snoring of all
varieties thank god for the walkman we performed a piece and
people liked it i got a couple of "oh you're the guy who did the
great piece last year" lets hope we dont have to do it again next

My other lawyer-cum-rock star ex and I ran into none other than Thurgood Marshall on those very same steps back in 1987.

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