Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Vegan philanthropist, Def Jam co-founder and yoga practitioner Russell Simmons recently complained to The New York Daily News that the presidential candidates are ignoring the yoga vote.


Is that like a soccer mom?

Real real yogis (ie; the ones who practice austerities and are trying to reach samadhi) know that everything that happens is due to karma, and have very little interest in the race (In fact, real yogis would say that the country deserves the candidate who's in the White House at this very moment).

So who does Simmons choose as the most yoga-friendly candidate?

It's not the middle-aged white lady - who looks like most of the yoga practitioners I know.

It's not the scary old man.

He thinks it's Barack Obama.

That could be true.

I did hear him say today (while lambasting Rev. Wright) that he tries to see the commonality among people.

Now that's real yoga.

The piece is here

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