Friday, June 26, 2009


The body and mind were pulled out of their lethargic slump on Tuesday.

During Mysore class I noticed something new on top of the stereo: a homemade-looking CD with "Amy and the Ananda Bliss Tribe" scrawled on it in marker.

After class, the body felt too tired to practice. The mind was dull. The spirit was buried somewhere below.

So I lingered outside with the students.

Finally I went into the studio.

I put on the CD.

And suddenly the body and mind were charged.

As kirtan wallah Amy and her group sang, it was like all of the debris and exhaustion were cleared away.

The spirit soared.

The spine tingled.

Going thru the sun salutations and listening to Amy, et. al sing about Lord Shiva, Jai Ma and Govinda, I felt like a nine-year-old (only much happier),

Amy is a bhakti yogi, and all the love and devotion she put into the CD come out when you listen to it.

I can't wait til it's finally released.

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  1. Sounds so blissful. I am going to check out the music. Thank you for the link.
    Your comment "I felt like a nine-year-old (only much happier)" makes me smile because during practice latley I can relate to this feeling you are describing.