Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm finally back "home," after 11 days in New York and lovely Raleigh, NC.

The jaunt included a Labor Day weekend live food and yoga retreat with Dharma Mittra in the Catskill Mountains, hanging out with Little E in Long Island, traveling to NYC to take classes at Dharma's studio, hanging with Catesey in Park Slope and Bobeisennow in Grammercy, and a weekend Maha Sadhana intensive (and more live food) with my dear teacher Chandra Om.

Yesterday I was so tired I could hardly speak, in part due to:

-Teaching three classes before getting on the plane to Islip on Thursday, September 3.

-Taking Little E's Level I class that night.

-The Labor Day Weekend retreat with Dharma, which started the next day (and was a four hour drive away). It was cold in the Catskills, and we slept in a tent. Plus each class began with kapalabhati jumping jacks and lots of fast sun salutations. Also Little E and I were in charge of waking everyone up in the morning, so we got up extra early in order to use the shower and sit beforehand.

-Two two-hour master classes with Dharma on Wednesday and Thursday, plus two more classes on Wednesday evening. (Not to mention the 1.5 hour train trip into Manhattan, on the Long Island Railroad, Wednesday's fitful night of sleep in noisy Brooklyn, and Thursday's return trip on the LIRR, followed by Little E's Level I class).

-Friday's Flight to North Carolina

-A 2.5 hour Maha Sadhana that night with Lakshmi

-Two very brisk "walks" through the forest with the pit bull puppy Daya and her fast-walking owner.

-Two three-hour Maha Sadhanas with Chandra, followed by 2.5 hour satsangs / sitting classes.

-Sunday night's slow dog-walk with Aspen and friends and impromptu back-care seminar, after feasting on avocados and Mana Bread.

-Padma's 1.5-hour class on Monday morning.

-The flight back to Midway a short time later.

Today, I began to recover. And do laundry. (But the diet is still good, ie; mostly raw and no chai. So far. And the bliss is still there. So far).

Interestingly, all of the back and wrist and shoulder pain that had been plaguing the body slowly evaporated during the visit. In fact, the classes were like experiencing a taste of heaven

Interestingly, the body seemed to develop a brand-new allergy the minute I returned "home." The throat is itchy, the right eye is red and swollen and there's lots of sneezing.

Maybe Someone is trying to tell me something.....


Photo shows last Tuesday's Long Island sunset.