Sunday, July 03, 2011

Abandoned pets in danger of dying / send help now

120 animals at the Animal Welfare League's intake facility at 62nd and S. Wabash are in danger of dying after thieves stole two of the building's air conditioner unit and vandalized two others.

Their already difficult lives have become even more hellish.

One cannot help but imagine these poor animals gasping for breath as they cling to life.

The replacement cost for the AC units is $25,000.

More info here.

Make a donation here.

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Send Help Now

I was driving on Lake Shore Drive during Thursday night's terrifying hailstorm and 94-mph winds, and thought that the windshield was going to burst as it was bombarded by golfball-size hailstones.

The windshield held, but the greenhouses at the Garfield Park Conservatory didn't fare so well. Many were shattered (see photos here), and the fragile eco-systems that are so carefully cultivated are now in danger of going to pot.

I imagine all of those battered plants gasping for breath as they cling to life.

There was so much damage that it's been closed until further notice.

The GPC is one of the city's treasures, designed by the great landscape architect Jens Jensen over a century ago. Maybelline and I made a brief visit there near the end of winter - you can see some pix from our trip below - and they could use our help.

From the conservatory website:

The Garfield Park Conservatory sustained catastrophic damage in last night’s hailstorm, shattering approximately half of the glass panes in the roofs of the historic Fern Room, Show House, and nine propagation greenhouses. The glass panes in the Desert House also sustained significant damage. The pathways, ponds and plants in the Fern Room, Show House, Desert House and propagation houses are covered with broken glass, and shards of glass hang dangerously from the roofs. Until the roofs are repaired, rain will cause the ponds to overflow, and direct sunlight will destroy and kill the plants that have been so carefully and lovingly conserved for so many years. We are facing an unprecedented clean-up and repair of our display houses. We need your help like never before.

From Saturday's Tribune:

"I stuck my head in this morning, thinking I might go in and check on them, when a huge piece of glass came crashing down," said nursery worker Terri Reardon, holding back tears. "I don't have children on purpose. The plants are like my babies."

Make a donation here.

Learn more about the damage here and here.

Pix from our post-yoga excursion earlier this year.....

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