Monday, August 01, 2011

Makes me want to re-re-re-read Autobiography of a Yogi

Sadly I cannot find the music by Meeta Ravindra....


  1. i was just goin g to ask about the music....

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    weird. i just visited your website after reading another site that mentioned Paramahansa Yogananda and i was thinking I should revisit his book. ok, i guess i'll just take the sign and run with it.

  3. That's so funny I'm re-reading that book right now.

  4. Synchronicity at work here.

    I just pulled my first copy of 'Autobiography' off of the shelf. I see I bought it 12/2/72.

    Once, I was in a used book store and they had a stack of the paperbacks and one hardback copy. I bought the hardback for 50 cents and five more of the paperbacks for 10 cents!!! I still have the hardback, but eventually gave away all the paperbacks to students.

    Once, I had a nursing student who was a long time member of SRF and went to LA (when she saved enough money) for their yearly convention. When she found out that I (an orthodoxy scientist) knew who Yogananda was, she was amazed.

    Ah, those were the days my friend....

    Ralph from Dekalb

  5. If anyone finds the music in non-virus MP3 format, please let me know.

    Yes, the book should be read and then re-read from time to time.

    I love your stories. Thank you!