Monday, September 19, 2011

Roches - "The Train"

The Roches (all sisters, from New Jersey) are one of my all-time favorite bands - even during the Mohawk Days when all I listened to was hardcore punk.

Their voices are so sweet. And their lyrics so quirky. And they are such wonderful musicians. They are the anti-Shaggs....

This is not the best recording of "The Train." It's from their debut album - which is one of the few vinyl albums I've replaced since letting go of my record collection back in 2009. (That album also features a wonderful song about Hammond, Indiana).

The Train song has been in my head ever since I realized that I live eight blocks from the Metra commuter train, and that it can get me downtown in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes!

The El, on the other hand, takes about 30.

The Metra commuter train travels in a straight line at high speeds and makes gradual stops and starts.

The El, on the other hand, meanders, twists and turns (Brown Line) or makes rapid, nausea-inducing stops and starts (Red Line).

The Metra commuter train takes you to a clean, comfortable station filled with shops and restaurants - including RAW restaurant.

The El, on the other hand, ends on a pigeon feces-encrusted platform (Brown Line) or a smelly hole in the ground (Red Line).

The Metra commuter train is quiet.

There is always a free seat.

It has a bathroom.

You can bring your bike on it.

The Brown line is slow and Tamasic.

The Red Line is fast and Rajasic.

And the Metra commuter train is calm and Sattvic!

And it costs less than the El if you buy a ten-ride card.*

Once you step on
you might never get off
of the commuter train
it doesn't go very far away
but just the same
it s a trip and a half

*Although Metra is now asking for a 30 percent rate hike.

Photo by Steven J. Brown

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  1. The Roches were one of my first favorite bands, "My sick mind" was one of my first favorite songs- I think I was 17.