Thursday, May 03, 2012


Relaxation of the muscles is as important as focusing on their development, and it is a balance of the two which brings one to a state of radiant health.

Even just ten minutes of Deep Relaxation, with the thoughts and breathing slowed almost to the point of stopping, can be as restorative as a good night's full rest. Deep Relaxation is the best antidote for impurity. It dispels tension and fatigue in the physical body and relieves depression, anxiety, headaches, cravings and desires. Deep Relaxation rejuvenates and energizes the entire system, bolstering the body's natural healing capacities and helping to normalize the circulatory system's function. When done regularly and with pure intention, one departs the body and crosses over into Psychic Sleep, briefly experiencing the Astral Plane. It is through this deep practice that one can gradually come to recognize that they are so much more than the body or the mind.

-Sri Dharma Mittra

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