Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Guru Purnima

Have you made your vow for Chaturmas?

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  1. happy guru purnima!!! vows, oh vows... yes, vows! doing this for the first time... the experience of thinking about and creating vows has been like cracking open pandora's box. the thought process thus far: 4 months is a loooong time... what can i really sustain... what am i afraid of?!??! response: nothing/everything...

    that said, thank you Kali for being such a divine guide. You teach with clarity, depth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing yourself, your wisdom and knowledge with the people and offering something more (infinitely more) than mallrat yoga. Forever grateful!!!!

  2. Dear Dragonsquirrel,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Yes, there is fear - especially with such a commitment. The mind and ego do not want to lose their power, and will do everything they can to hold on to it.....

    Did you make a vow anyway?

  3. yes and no... a bit of a frustrating start to be perfectly honest. i'm away from home on vacation and my vows have much to do with my everyday life and patterns. i feel as though i'm in a test-run run mode until i return home. i have been reading or listening to some form of daily scripture (hmmm, a difficult word to use as it conjures up poor memories of a christian upbringing) and that has been grounding.