Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Quote

"We should not worry about who will guide us. The question is: Am I prepared to be guided? Jesus had only 12 close disciples. He helped many, but he imparted the secret wisdom only to those few who were prepared. The Sermon on the Mount is comprehended by only a few, not by the multitudes. Those not on the path do not understand, for example, why one should be meek and poor....

"You need an external guru as a means to attain the guru within you. Sometimes you may become egotistical and decide, 'I don't need a guru.' That is the ego talking. You must tame it.

"You'll never meet a bad guru if you are a good student. But the reverse is also true; if you are a bad student, you won't meet a good guru. Why should a good guru assume responsibility for a bad student? Nobody collects garbage. If you are in search of a guru, search within first. To become a yogi means to know your own condition here and now, to work with yourself. Don't grumble because you don't have a teacher. Ask whether you deserve one. Are you capable of attracting one?"

-Swam Rama