Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Quote

“How often does a man ruin his disciples* by remaining always with them! When men are once trained, it is essential that their leader leave them, for without his absence they cannot develop themselves. Plants always remain small under a big tree.”

― Swami Vivekananda

*and, may we add, how often does a disciple ruin his chances at reaching The Goal by remaining too long with the guru (and expecting him/her to do their work for them).


  1. I was reminded today of Sunday's "You are not the cellphone, you are the signal," comment.

    My (distraught) kid told me that her (dying) phone only makes voice calls. "How am I supposed to talk to my friends?" Yes, the fact that I can answer that question means I'm old, despite the fact that I'd rather pretend otherwise (Clearly, I'm not ready to view death with as much excitement as a 12-year-old getting a new phone.)

    But I thought maybe you'd laugh at the story...because you also can answer the question and are therefore "old."

  2. Gayle3:09 PM

    Hmm...I'm trying too hard to "stand in the shade" with that last comment (today's quote). I'll find a "sunny spot" now. Sorry.