Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Quote

"When my task fails to bring desired ends or leads me to defeat, I shall try to see the Divine Purpose which ever seeks to give me undersstanding even through pain and sorry.

"When confronted with difficulty and perplexity, I shall try to be calm of spirit and strive to understand their meaning.

"When there are moments that provoke impatience, I shall guard myself with fortitude and perseverance.

"When unkind criticism is made, I shall try not to feel hurt or despondent, for have i not often been helped and spurred onward by adversity!

"If occasions arise to make me feel the lack of right and justice, I shall try to overcome these feelings with tranquility.

"I shall try to remind myself always that He, the All-wise Divine Dispenser, is ever just."

-Swami Paramananda

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  1. Many people have read Yogananda’s autobiography. However, Swami Paramananda’s book, ‘A Bridge of Dreams’, deserves the same recognition. If you have not read his book, do so and you’ll find some things in your spiritual life that were missing.

    Ralph from DeKalb