Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Razor's Edge

"We find that are mind does not want to undergo the discipline of discrimination, nor does it have the capacity of consistent logical thinking. It has been allowed its willful ways and indulgences and gross pleasures for many births. It cannot be blamed for its follies. It has not known subtler joys. When the mind is made to inquire and is turned towards its source, it fears its own death and protests. The devious mind find various ways to prevent this inquiry. Initially it does not allow the person to attend discourses of Vedanta. Even if he attends, the mind puts him to sleep or distracts him, not allowing the words to register. If heard, the mind refuses to understand. If understood and accepted as logical, the mind calls it 'impractical for this day and age.' This play of the mind is called Maya. We should not yield to its tricks. By consistent and guided inquiry, all our doubts will disappear and we would come to experience the Truth."

-Swami Tejomayananda, introduction to Drig Drshya Viveka (An Inquiry Into the Nature of the Seer and the Seen)

Our course on this wonderful Jnana Yoga text starts Tuesday


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