Saturday, June 12, 2004


After nine days in a row of ashtanga I’m finally taking a day off..... and inadvertantly missing the post-Saturday-Mysore-with-Suddha social scene. Most of the day will be spent listening to Indian fillum soundtracks, reacquainting myself with my apartment and editing Part III of my Mysore Diary for Yoga Chicago ( And rewarding myself with bits and pieces of this must-read 1999 Mysore blog:
It takes place *in the olden days*, when things were on a smaller scale, before they built the giant new shala and moved the whole shebang to tony Gokalum (the Lake Forest of Greater Mysore). It’s also unique in that the couple writes a lot about (and take many, many pictures of) their Indian friends and acquaintances. Well worth putting off work or play for.

I got the lowdown on it at Sr. Ganesha Tea Stall Radio, a project by the NYC Chai Guys that boasts an unparalleled playlist of Indian music as well as updates on Eddie Stern’s studio and NYC-area events of yogic interest:

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