Friday, March 18, 2005


A Review of Bride & Prejudice from The Times of India (and I thought all those local papers lacked bite):

"The film employs the worst pre-packaged cliches about 'natives' letting their hair down at assorted weddings, as a classy, uptight American gulps in embarrassment while discreetly eying the pale and lifeless daughter of a middle-class family in Amritsar. Of course, there are shots of the Golden Temple to thrill the cockles of Britain's nostalgic Sikh community. What? No snakes and snake charmers? Relax, there's a hilarious Cobra dance. "


My favourite new web site is (thanks, Bindi) -- featuring really sharp desi cartoons. To start, click on issue #71: "for that yoga flame").


Oh yeah. I ran into the Vexx yesterday morn.

No, wait, he was standing by my bike after I taught two classes in a row and came out of the Habitrail club in a haze.

He had to call out to me twice before I saw him.

Stalking? It was snowing.

Apparently he's now driving a Volvo wagon. Apparently That Woman has sold half her apt. to him. Apparently...

Funny, the cat just threw up. While I was writing that last "Apparently"

Apparently he sold the recording studio and works out of her living room.....I mean "their" living room.

Apparently there was some need to tell me all this.

Apparently that couldda been me.

Most definitely I am better off (although three of the five missing lbs have come back home to roost).

I got off some real zingers, too.


That episode aired (erred?), er, occurred just five days after Jack and I went out to dinner with his ex-galpal and her husband and his (comedy) partner and intern. They were smart and accomplished but not to the point where you feel like a dullard. We were eating Death by Nachos and discussing various theater susperstitions and David Foster Wallace, etc. when some Liquid Sky-looking chick walked in. All the male heads turned at once. Turns out they were looking at Jack's most recent vexing ex.

ME: "So THAT'S why you wanted me to dye my hair blonde and get it cut short!"

ME AGAIN: "My god, Jack -- Half the women in this place have b*nged you!"

AND (hey, I had The PMS): "She looks a little pinched."

He agreed to the last. And a good time was had by all.

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