Friday, April 22, 2005


The sages say that the only things we can control are our emotions / the fluctuations of the mind / our reactions to things that happen to us.

Having tried and tried and tried this and failed and failed and failed, I cannot agree.

But I have found that one thing most of us can control -- those without children, anyway -- is the amount of clutter in our house.

I've become convinced that the amount of mess in our habitat is greater than or equal to that in our mind, and that it's impossible to clear the latter when the former is disorganized.

Unfortunately mine is a minefield right now; even my virtual desktop is in very real disarray.

So much for chaos-control.


  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    found this and thought you might be interested.
    it's a cartoon movie/work in progress by an american artist.

  2. So agree with you on this one!

    *waves* Hi, it's E here - great to meet you last night, hope you had fun, see you again! :-)

    R sent me your blog URL - enjoying it - here's mine: