Monday, December 05, 2005


I brought not one but TWO canvas shopping bags to Trader Joe's today and still needed more room for all the loot I bought (I'm trying to make fewer trips to the grocery store as part of my own personal Being Green/ahimsa-to-the-earth initiative, which means I'm having to tote a lot more stuff). When the unctuous clerk asked "Paper or plastic?" my mind started to whirl.

Paper or plastic?

Plastic uses less energy to produce, transport and recycle -- plus it can be reused as a vehicle for dog poop. But I have a blog -- not a dog. And it takes between ten and 1,000 years to biodegrade.

On the other hand, paper comes from trees, which is bad. Poor, poor trees. But paper's biodegradable, as long as it's not put in a landfill, which is good. Also the cat sometimes likes to play in the discarded bag. It can also be reused for, say, bundling newspapers or toting Xmas gifts to the family. Plus it's easily recycled.

But apparently they're making a better plastic bag these days -- more biodegradable. Out of corn or something. And Dominick's and The Food Whole offer blue plastic bags, which can be used for recycling via the City of Chicago's half-assed Blue Bag Recycling Program.

No tengo ni puta idea.

I chose paper, which did not impress the cat at all.

Guilt is there, Madam.

(Guilt is *always* there).

If only I hadn't lost that fabulous folding bag-in-a-bag that Dorian Black gave to me, none of this would be an issue.

However I'm writing a(nother) story about being a Green Yogi, and am keen to know which is more PC. But I'm flummoxed. Any ideas?


  1. If you and all of the yogi wanna be's were really pure & true, you would grow your own food.
    But wait, you live in a big city,
    and think you can have it all.

    Truth is, you are fooling yourselves, you have next to nothing.

    This is called deluding yourselves fron the way, the truth.

  2. wetback nation6:56 PM

    You need a domestic - aka a non-documented wet back to schlep your 'loot' home from shopping.

    Everyone is doing it.

    (they don't like the cold Chicago weather much though.

  3. yogi master10:07 AM

    Every temptation that is resisted, every evil thought that is curbed, every desire that is controlled and every bitter word that is tolerated without grudge leads to a supreme victory that goes to the building up of a high moral character, stable life and strong will-power, which are essential aids to a life of victory and perfection.