Thursday, February 16, 2006


Ever notice that




are almost one and the same?


  1. dr. assman12:30 AM

    As eveyone sshould know, the anus is just a twix away from the vagina.

  2. Traveling in a fried out Kombi,

    In 1922, Fred Walker (1884-1935) of Melbourne, Australia decided to try to make a special "yeast extract" that would be as delicious as it was nourishing for his Fred Walker Cheese Company to sell. The chief scientist in the company Fred owned was Dr. Cyril P. Callister, and it was Dr. Callister who invented the first Vegemite spread. He used brewer's yeast and blended the yeast extract with ingredients like celery, onion, salt, and a few secret ingredients to make this paste. In 1912, a national competition and a prize of 50 pounds was offered to the winner or winners to name the new product.. The name ‘Vegemite’ was finally chosen from the entries by Fred’s daughter Sheilah .

    With its unusual and unique flavor, Vegemite was not an immediate success and sales were slow. In 1928 Vegemite was renamed and registered as Parwill in an attempt to boost its sales and to attract customers of the rival spread Marmite (an English yeast spread that dominated the Australian market sinc 1910). "If Marmite...then Parwill" was the rationale behind Walker's strategy to carve a niche in the market for his spread. The name Parwill and Walker's play on words didn't catch on. It was only sold as Parwill for a short time in Queensland. The name was withdrawn in 1935, and the original name was reinstated.

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Is it 1982 already? Have the guys from Men at Work made people start talking about Vegemite again?

  4. Too low to find my way
    Too high to wonder why
    I've touched this place before
    Somewhere in another time
    Now I can hear the sun
    The clouds drifting through the blinds
    A half a million thoughts
    Are flowing through my mind.

    Nope, no vegemite!
    Kraft owns it btw.