Friday, September 29, 2006


This weekend marks my 20th college reunion.

It takes place on the small liberal arts campus that was dividied -- polarized if you will -- after my satiric rewrite of the Bears' 1985 hit "The Superbowl Shuffle" appeared in the campus newspaper and aired on the campus radio station.

The song addressed the college's questioning of its longstanding practice of giving its best student housing to the "purpose units" -- a euphemism for fraternities and sororites.

My friends from the radio station and I were harassed. It got so bad the adminstration had to call a campus-wide "town meeting" and I faced my victimizers in "court."

Suffice to say that I bought a locking gas cap for my car (which was keyed) and didn't go anywhere without an imposing male escort.

In the end the purpose units got their way; nothing changed, and my lead harasser was given a seat on the Board of Trustees.

So why am I going?

Tonight we plan an informal coup of the radio station (today's students tend to be a bit on the docile side).

And tomorrow there will be an offiical visit at 12:30PM central time. You can listen here.


  1. facking greek infidels!

    Lambda Lambda Lambda, is our fraternity;
    We are her royal subjects, and she is our queen bee.
    We have no groups excluded, we don't discriminate;
    We just ask that you keep your G-P-A at 3.8

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