Thursday, October 19, 2006


The enterprising muckrakers at the scrappy Chicago Sun-Times just kicked the conservative Chicago Tribune's corpulant ass with an astonishing piece of investigative reporting. Writers Tim Novak and Art Golab show that some 20 percent of patronage workers* have been "injured" on the job and filed disability claims with the city -- which pays to settle out of its own (i.e.; OUR) pocket.

"The city has spent more than $38.9 million to resolve 1,719 claims filed by those patronage workers during the last two decades. Another 708 claims are pending. Some with pending cases have been off work for years, disappearing even from the city payroll, as if they were ghosts -- but still, in most cases, getting 75 percent of their salary while on "duty disability."

The story is accompanied by a photo of a city truck driver bending over and doing lawn work -- while on paid leave for injuring his back after falling out of his truck for the third time during his decade on the job.

Perhaps this, combined with the myriad other scandals rocking his administration, means that Mayor Daley II's 17-year reign is about to end.


The sheep that populate the Windy City would never permit it.

*patronage worker = a relative of a politician or a local who has done political favors for someone in power and has been rewarded with a cushy job for which they possess little or no qualifications.


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    How much will ComEd's rate hike zap your budget?
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    ComEd rates for residential and small-business customers will rise about 22 percent starting Jan. 2 after the end of a nine-year rate freeze. Rate hikes for non-ComEd customers Downstate will be higher -- 45 percent to 55 percent.