Friday, October 13, 2006


When a new student mentions that the only type of yoga they have done is Bikram (hot yoga), one must remember to impose upon them that Caca subscribes to the Judith Laster school of savasana (ie, longer is better) rather than the Bikram version (a minute or two is enough).

In other words, It ain't over til Caca rings the bell / your bladder is about to burst (whichever comes first).

That way they won't get up ten minutes before the class ends and make the floors creak and wake everyone up and then apologize later at Pockets.


Mea culpa, that one.

But not when it happened last Saturday in an ashtanga primary series class one subbed.

They should know better.


  1. does bikram deserve rock star status, or is he a mountebank?

  2. hey that sucks.. How are you? I dreamt about you last night, you randomly turned up in norwich just as if it were nothing really... It was good to see you, if only in a dream.. hope life is good
    Dr D x

  3. all seeing eye9:21 AM

    Yoga Guru's Company Agrees to Fines

    By Associated Press
    Published October 18, 2006, 4:11 AM CDT

    LOS ANGELES -- A company operated by an Indian yoga guru pleaded no contest to three safety violations at one of its studios and agreed to pay more than $8,000 in fines and penalties.

    Bikram Choudhury Yoga Inc., founded by Bikram Choudhury, pleaded no contest Tuesday to misdemeanor operating without a fire permit, failing to provide required parking for customers and operating the studio without a certificate of occupancy.

    Choudhury, 60, became a multi-millionaire popularizing "hot yoga" in America. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped charges against him, the city attorney's office said.

    Choudhury was given a year to correct the violations at his West Los Angeles studio. When the company meets safety standards, the court record will be expunged, said Choudhury's attorney, Victor Sherman.

    Sherman said that entering the plea and agreeing to pay the fine is cheaper than fighting the case.

    Choudhury said he plans to move his world headquarters to Honolulu.