Monday, April 16, 2007


They're burning effigies of Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty in India.


Because he kissed her hand and then repeatedly kissed her (face) cheeks at a public AIDS awareness press conference in Dehli.

In the Daily Mail photos above, it looks as if he's mauling her.

Apparently he did it right before or after yelling in Hindi "No condoms, no sex" to thousands of male truckers who screamed the words back to him.

Demonstrators say Gere's kissing of Shetty goes against Indian culture.

It is all the worse when the pair in question are unmarried. And a further aggravating factor is that Gere is a non-Hindu foreigner.

It could have been even more dire; what if someone's breast had popped out?

More here, where you can also read about Bryan Ferry's newfound admiration for the Nazis.

One can't help but wonder if they're burning effigies of the sleazy "American Gigalo"-era Richard Gere, which would be fitting, or the dignified, Tibet-saving Gere of "Dr. T and the Women."

The real crime of course is that he is 57 and she is 31.

It should be the other way around.

Thanks to Catesey for the hot news tip


  1. Cougar?

    The real crime of course is that he is 57 and she is 31.

    It should be the other way around.

  2. but it's ok for married truckers to have sex with prostitutes without condoms and go home to their wives and give them aids.
    i even heard that gere has received death threats.

    india has so many serious problems. did you hear the one about north india banning cricket cause the teams suck this year?

  3. dreyfuss' sex therapist12:03 PM

    If she was 57 and he was 31, while on a date she'd be talking about her grand-nieces while he was doing Jager shots. A 26-year age difference in any direction is a little creepy.

    I did read that Gere was wearing a condom during the presentation, which is good. I think it was even ribbed for her pleasure.

  4. It was ribbed, but he had it inside/out for HIS pleasure.

  5. dreyfuss' sex & safety consultant3:54 PM

    Or would that be outside/in?
    Anyway, you know what I meant.

  6. drefuss' condom joke writer4:57 PM

    Condoms should really be ribbed both inside AND outside. Why should the ladies get all the fun?

    As Dennis Miller once said (excuse the paraphrasing):

    I don't know why guys complain about decreased sensitivity while wearing condoms. I actually came up with a solution for that - I wear two condoms all the time. Then, at night, I take one off and I feel like a wild man.