Monday, August 20, 2007


Since arriving home Monday night I have.....

-Updated my weblog once

-Worn Indian dresses twice

-Taught 14 classes - including assisting a 3.5 hour workshop given by longtime Dharma Mittra student Mittra Om.

-Awakened countless times thinking I'm still in India - and becoming quite vexed after realizing I'm not

-Started selling off my (vinyl) record collection

-Tried to cook an Indian meal (which turned out to be utterly vile)

-Tried to prepare a western meal (which was passable)

-Met Dreyfus for lunch (which was overpriced)

-Uploaded my photos to Flickr (you must e-mail me and pass a sobriety test if you'd like to see them)

-Became so completely and utterly exhausted that I could not even take a nap.

-So I decided to update the blog again.

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